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Stockholm Exergi – Creating a single source of truth


Stockholm Exergi is an energy company, providing Stockholmers access to heating, cooling, electricity and waste management services. With a clear goal to make Stockholm a more attractive and sustainable city, they are continuously working to identify and develop solutions to meet the energy needs, and counteract environmental impact, in every step of the value chain.


To establish their position as the next generation’s energy company, they needed to audit all material related to the brand and assess their digital environment. Realizing that all material was scattered around different static documents, platforms and temporary systems, it was time to take a grip and create the conditions for the whole workforce to embrace the brand. Additionally, their previous brand workflow required a lot of time and effort put into brand communications and distributing assets, it was too inefficient.


That is why Stockholm Exergi created a place to make all parts of the brand available for those who need it – a single source of truth. As the brand is carried by so much more than the logotype, it was also important to include anything from strategy and employer branding to templates and downloads, in the same space. For their asset management, Stockholm Exergi chose QBank DAM solution, seamlessly integrated with the brand portal.

In the portal, the content structure was carefully considered, and the information was prioritized to be presented in an inspiring way, supporting the position. All to ensure that everything is easy to find, understand and use. With a long-term solution that is simple to administrate and update, they have now moved away from time consuming workflows and have the possibility to scale as the brand develops.

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Beatrice Neiderstam

Beatrice Neiderstam is a project manager at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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