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SEB – Simplifying what's complex

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SEB has been a long-standing bank in Scandinavian countries for over 160 years. They believe that entrepreneurial thinking and innovative companies are needed to create a better world. As a reflection of their vision for their clients, SEB innovates themselves to deliver world-class services to their customers which includes having a distinct, trustworthy and attractive brand identity.

Working with Kurppa Hosk, an award-winning design agency, SEB rebranded their identity to harmonize their brand strategy and drive future brand sustainability.


SEB wanted to be their own narrative of SEB’s brand identity. Specifically, give people an opportunity to learn more about their brand identity and instill brand consistency.

To compete in this landscape, we need to clarify what makes SEB relevant and unique. A united strategy enables us to tell a coherent story.

Annika Elmlund
Project Manager of
Corporate Identity & Design

In addition, SEB has many partners, who need information about SEB’s visual identity guidelines and assets, on a daily basis. Therefore, SEB needed to have to one central location to manage their brand identity and oversee brand guideline engagement.


To enhance their commitment of transparency, SEB chose to create a brand manual with deBroome’s brand platform. In turn, SEB would be the storyteller of their history, values, strategies and visual identity.

It is used as a toolbox…

Annika Elmlund
Project Manager of
Corporate Identity & Design


With the aid of Kurppa Hosk’s design vision for the digital brand manual, SEB can beautifully display and share their new brand assets. Subsequently, SEB has a tool provided by deBroome that leads them into the future. This tool allows them to continually evolve their brand to their market’s needs.

Visit SEB’s brand manual:

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Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright is a project manager at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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