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BabyBjörn – Ensuring a strong and uniform visual identity



BabyBjörn is a family business that has swept the world with its practical and safe baby products. Their mission is to make a difference in easing everyday life for families of small children.


Because BabyBjörn is a global company, they needed one online hub to connect their employees and partners despite the various office locations. In particular, they wanted a space to streamline brand strategies to reflect a consistent brand design. Furthermore, they wanted to have guidelines about how to apply their brand design to their marketing content and materials. BabyBjörn was seeking out a brand management tool to ensure a strong and uniform visual identity.


BabyBjörn decided to manage and easily share their graphic guidelines with deBroome’s cloud-based platform. Designing a comprehensible visual identity, design agency Coral Studio defined how the identity can be applied to serve a purpose. As stated in the BabyBjörn Graphic Guidelines, “The guidelines offer directions on how to implement BabyBjörn visual communications and help everyone, internally or externally, who is creating content or marketing materials for the brand to remain true to the visual brand identity.”

These guidelines are an asset for creating consistent, on-brand content for our target audience.

BabyBjörn Graphic Guidelines

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Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright is a project manager at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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