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The agency value of Brand Portal – Digitize client brand guidelines

How can agencies take advantage of digitizing brand guidelines? We asked Otso Lindfors, Senior Design Strategist at our partner agency Wörks, about their experiences of deBroome Brand Portal.

What key factors made you decide to incorporate deBroome in your rebranding process?

We couldn’t continue working with brand books in pdf format. It was too much of an effort, especially the challenges with version management.

We came across deBroome, and it was something about the offer. It seemed easy and flexible, and we were able to get started at once. We presented the solution to get everyone onboard internally and then we delivered our first client project using the tool. We’re very happy with the result, and for the client it gives the extra value of being current by going digital. 

Also, considering the pandemic and working remotely, there’s a great upside to be able to collaborate in the same environment.

“Also, considering the pandemic and working remotely, there's a great upside to be able to collaborate in the same environment."

At what point during your project process do you introduce Brand Portal?

Brand Portal is included in the initial scope at the very beginning of our discussions with the client. We encourage doing the delivery online – that’s how we prefer it. Roughly put, we start creating the components, once everything is defined, we start putting things together and the portal comes into the process. It’s simple to invite the client and we can collaborate much faster than before.

What's the difference in your workflow?

It's a huge difference, thinking about the old days. Now we can focus on the work itself and skip the hassle. Previously, we used InDesign, printed it to pdf, sent it to the client and the client returned with feedback. It was inefficient. We also appreciate how the portal supports our designs, it helps to present the brand guidelines in an inspirational way.

What role does it play in your delivery?

The client is involved during the whole process and once everything is finalized, the portal becomes a tool for the client to use. It’s a very user-friendly tool that doesn’t require any special training, and we don’t need to spend time teaching the client on how to use it.

The warmest thank you to Otso Lindfors, for sharing his thoughts and experiences.

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Beatrice Neiderstam

Beatrice Neiderstam is a project manager at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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