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Tell all – Going from print to a digital brand manual

Long gone are the days of brand identities in a print form. Coral Studios’s CEO, Johanna Andersson, explains how they helped BabyBjörn streamline their brand guidelines with a digital brand platform to reach BabyBjörn’s global offices.

Tell me about Coral Studio.

In the beginning, Coral Studio solely focused on website design including UI and UX design. However, the last five years, we have taken on branding and print projects. Our clients range from small businesses to large corporations who need help updating their brand or website. Mostly, we have Swedish based customers working in a global market.

What kind of creative process was behind creating BabyBjörn’s brand manual?

When working together with BabyBjörn, the creative process was relatively free for me as a designer. My role was to question and come up with new ideas with the marketing department. I realized pretty quickly where they wanted to be as a company and what the customers are expecting.

Describe the goal of the project.

The goal was to update the BabyBjörn brand. This required adding a softer touch with more complementary colors as well as creating diversity in the use of their brand logo, font and imagery.

The old manual was mostly focused on print, and I wanted BabyBjörn to have guides for a digital world. This is the reason why I presented the idea of using an online brand guidelines.

“The old manual was mostly focused on print, and I wanted BabyBjörn to have guides for a digital world.”

BabyBjörn is a global company. Staff and retailers from all over the globe need to understand the brand and easily access the brand guidelines. The decision to use deBroome’s custom brand platform for this purpose was therefore, great!

What is your opinion about deBroome’s product – digital brand manuals?

It took me a couple of hours and emails back and forth to get the grip behind the tool. Once I understood it, it was easy to work with.

Even if I lacked some features in the tool, I managed to adjust it to the clients needs. The parts I couldn't change myself deBroome helped me very fast with customizing.

How would you describe your collaboration with deBroome?

Easy, helpful and always have time to answer my questions. Very knowledgeable people with a happy attitude behind the online platform.

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Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright is a project manager at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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