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Tell all – A simple solution for collecting assets

It can be a struggle to collect and distribute brand identity assets if a company is not using a digital solution. That is why Essen International, a well-established design agency, encouraged Bankomat, Sweden’s leading ATM provider, to acquire deBroome’s platform. Essen International’s Client Director, Sophia Lavasani, tells all about the progression of the project and their experience with working with deBroome.

Tell me about Essen International.

Essen International is a multi-disciplinary design agency that specializes in brand development and digital transformation. We evolve brand identities into lifestyle brands. With locations in Stockholm, Sweden and San Francisco, USA, we work with large corporations to startups around the globe.

What was the creative process behind creating Bankomat’s brand manual?

First, we received an introduction to the platform including a presentation of examples. This helped to understand the full scale of possibilities with the digital brand platform.
Then we assessed how we could adapt a static PDF to a digital version. This included evaluating how chapters and subchapters will be defined. Sketches were created as well as the outline of the identity such as logotype (secondary and primary logo), font, color palette, image “language”, iconography, pictograms and examples of implementation.

Describe the goal of the Bankomat project.

Working together, Bankomat and ourselves were lacking a tool that enabled us to share files and update information easily. Bankomat always needed to turn to us to retrieve updated information. In addition, old versions would be passed around that could have been different versions of the brand manual with slight changes. Therefore, we needed a solution to collect everything in one place, We wanted to give Bankomat the freedom to make changes themselves as there was always small changes that happen every now and then.
With deBroome, it is a simple digital platform that streamlines updates. A design agency can easily see any changes. Therefore, there doesn’t need to be a creation of a static new version as with a PDF. The deBroome platform is user-friendly and allows admins to simply update online. Moreover, it is easy to find information.

“With deBroome, it is a simple digital platform that streamlines updates.”

collage of Bankomat pics including multiple colors, typeface and icons used for their digital brand manual

Bankomat's digital brand manual

What is your opinion about deBroome’s product – digital brand manuals?

Very positive! We are very happy with the result.
It was easy to work in. The deBroome platform does not limit a designer’s vision. It has made a significant difference when working with our partnership with Bankomat.

“The deBroome platform does not limit a designer’s vision.”

We are also very satisfied with the functionality. All in all, the platform was able to create a beautiful finished product!

How would you describe your collaboration with deBroome?

Our collaboration has went really well. deBroome was very quick with customer service. They were available to give support on explaining how the platform works. deBroome made customization changes quickly.
Overall, the collaboration has been really smooth and enjoyable, It has been very nice to work with deBroome and I have only positive comments. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with deBroome again!

“We look forward to having the opportunity to work with deBroome again!”

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Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright is a project manager at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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