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Connecting suppliers, agencies and all to Bankomat’s digital brand manual

When it comes to money, customers want to feel secure in cash handling. In Bankomat’s case, Jenny Danielsson, PR and Communications Manager, explains the importance of their ATMs being perceived as safe, secure and accessible. To be consistent in their brand identity, Bankomat has acquired a digital brand manual to share with their suppliers, agencies and customers.

Tell me about Bankomat.

Bankomat is the leader in providing a cash handling service in Sweden. We have recognizable blue ATMs that allow people to withdraw and deposit money. Our ATMs are located in over 500 locations in every county in Sweden.

Why is public relations important for Bankomat?

Bankomat's mission is to offer people the opportunity to withdraw and deposit money in our ATMs. Therefore it is crucial for us to have a strong brand.

It is important to know what to expect with the experience of using Bankomat’s ATMs. Because of that, we work with the appearance and location so that they are perceived as safe, secure and accessible. Therefore, it is essential where the ATMs are located. Our ATMs are located in shopping centers, open and light areas where there is a lot of people coming and going. The ATMs should also be clean and in good condition so that people feel safe to take out money.

How does Bankomat continue to reinvent their brand strategy?

We do this all the time. We assess how our ATMs are being perceived and how adjustments are working. The reinventing of our brand strategy depends on the products and services we offer which are also changing.

Why did Bankomat decide to create a digital brand manual?

I think that is a very simple way to show all the different sections that we have in our brand guidelines.

Hopefully, there are no paper versions left of the brand guidelines. I want everyone to visit the digital brand manual.

I wanted to ensure that everyone had the right materials. The digital platform makes it easy for our advertising company to add more brand materials. It is also accessible to our suppliers, who build the ATMs, who can download the correct materials.

In addition, the advertising company can make quick changes if there is something that needs to be edited or added. Hopefully, there are no paper versions left of the brand guidelines. I want everyone to visit the digital brand manual.

How does a digital brand manual help in public relations?

It gives a quick overview of what people, working with the brand, need and what is correct. Because of this, it eases communication with us and our suppliers.

Visit Bankomat’s Brand Portal.

(In Swedish)

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Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright is a project manager at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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