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Why brand consistency is vital to your business

When customers receive a newsletter from your brand and then move on to your website, do they get the same experience? Does your brand feel the same on LinkedIn as it does in print ads? Keeping your brand consistent across all channels can be a demanding task nowadays. However, we know that it is a vital one. Below, we have gathered 3 reasons why consistency is vital to building a successful brand.

1. Recognition & Trust

Consumers can spot unauthentic brands from miles away. There is no quick fix to creating an authentic brand. You have to deliver consistent messaging based on real experiences, ambitions and emotions that are in line with your brand promise. In the long term, it not only increases brand recognition but also builds trust. One thing is known for sure – consumers engage with brands they recognize and trust.

There is no quick fix to creating an authentic brand.

2. Differentiation

Delivering a consistent message, tone and design allows you to differentiate your brand and connect with your target group in a meaningful way. There is fierce competition in almost all industries today, resulting in most products out there being considered “good enough”. When most of the products on a market satisfy the basic needs and the differences between them are so small, the risk of making the wrong choice is perceived as low. Instead, today’s consumers focus more on brands that appeal to a sense of confirmation and hold promise of a certain lifestyle, cause or social relevance.

Differentiate your brand and connect with your target group in a meaningful way.

3. Ownership

With consistent messaging, businesses can take ownership of both their own brand but also of industry or segment related topics. Think about it – some of the world’s most well-known brands are those who have become synonymous with their industry. Staying on-point with your message gives you a competitive advantage that might eventually make you the natural go-to brand in your market.
Building dependable brands that consistently live up to their promise is a long-term venture. However, the benefits are immense, allowing both stakeholders and consumers to engage with the brand in a meaningful way. If you’re not sure where to start with your consistency work, we will soon be posting a guide on how to achieve brand consistency.

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Dino Ceric

Dino Ceric is a product designer at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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