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Gamify your brand to break the ice

With a great game, it's easy for everyone to warm up to your brand. 

Does realizing the full potential of your brand seem like a never-ending, exhausting task? Do you feel like you don’t know how to start, keep up, finish — or reach all potential brand ambassadors? 

According to a classic Weber Shandwick study, 21% of employees within organizations were estimated to be active brand advocates and another 33% had clear potential to be one. The rest? Untapped brand advocates. What, we should ask, was holding everyone back? The answer is organizations that were not sure how to leverage this huge potential.

Starting with a single simple step is a good way to get moving in the right direction. Turn your brand into a game to make it as entertaining as it is engaging and start onboarding everyone, from partners to employees. 

How does it work?

Interactive is the new informative, so it’s important that all your users play a role in the learning process. With input from your branding experts, you’ll want the game to be inspiring, feel welcoming and familiar, while providing a sport minded challenge. With plenty of feedback and an ‘okay to not know’ learning approach, there are no wrongs. It will be a feel-good game – for quick learning and having fun.

What’s more? All interaction will give the best results if it’s voluntary and unscheduled; designed to attract your staff and motivate them to play. By converting brand understanding into a real-life competition, self-confidence can be boosted with rewards and praise through gamified levels and badges. Anyone who plays is triggered to learn, and encouragement and knowledge are offered in return.

Why all the fuss?

Unifying people with purpose isn’t a quick fix, so you might need some help along the way. That is why we created Brand Learning – to provide you with the best conditions to start creating brand ambassadors through gamified learning. We know that engaged employees and partners tend to be more productive, absent less, and display more loyalty. Simply stated, a happy workplace translates into good business value. Offering your employees an on-trend, playful way to learn pulls your brand closer and energizes their days. Instead of pushing a scheduled screen-fatiguing training tool, you can invite different teams to take part in an enjoyable experience with a competitive edge that makes befriending your brand a breeze. 

There's strength in numbers

Your strongest brand ambassadors might be somewhere you’ve never looked. They could be on your brand team, in office support, on a job application in finance or already working in management. Include and involve everyone, from candidates to alumni, and create a sense of purpose. There’s strength in numbers when it comes to brand ownership, and employees’ word of mouth can go a long way in creating better internal brand awareness, as well as generating new leads, attracting new job candidates, and strengthening your company’s position against the competition.

It’s time to break the ice and start gaming! 

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Beatrice Neiderstam

Beatrice Neiderstam is a project manager at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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