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Activating your secret superpower

Are you ready to level up your brand game? Activate your superpower: Employee Brand Ambassadors! These are the everyday heroes within your company who naturally and organically promote your brand and mission. 

Your everyday heroes

Imagine having a team of superheroes, all working together to promote your company's brand and products.

Well, that's exactly what employee brand ambassadors are. They're the everyday employees who effortlessly and genuinely spread the word about their company and its mission. When employees are empowered to be the face of the brand through training and incentives, they become powerful assets. These passionate individuals are often considered experts in their field and can play a vital role in building a positive reputation for the company, and increasing brand awareness.

How do they do it?

By sharing their knowledge and expertise with others through networking, attending industry events, and on personal social media accounts. When authentic advertising occurs it has a positive impact on the opinion of a workplace, which reaps benefits in several ways. 

The positive side effects

When employees feel proud of their company and are willing to speak positively about it, they're more likely to be engaged and motivated in their work, and also feel a sense of community and belonging. This can lead to increased productivity and a more positive work environment, building a strong foundation for employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

How do you activate your superpower?

The secret to success lies not only in delivering information, but to also encourage continuous learning. Every business is a living, breathing entity and so is its brand.

With a brand portal your company can create a central hub for everything related to your brand. When adding a brand learning platform you encourage employees to continuously increase their brand knowledge through a gamified learning experience. 

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Jenny Elmberg

Jenny Elmberg is COO of deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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