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6 reasons why every company needs a digital brand manual

There should be no question about the need for a digital brand manual. That is why we at deBroome, working with brand manuals on a daily basis, have named the top reasons why a digital brand manual is an essential tool for all businesses. 

1. Digitalization

With a digital brand manual, a brand comes to life with animations, .gifs and videos which is impossible in a non-digitized form. Links and menus within the digital manual allow easy navigation between chapters and subsections. Finding information is simple with a search bar function. Moreover, administrators can manage users and receive feedback about user engagement instantly.

2. Centralize and streamline

Ultimately, the digital brand manual becomes a brand bible for every cornerstone of the brand. This includes its visual identity, values, strategy, UI elements, assets, templates, best-practice, inspiration, and anything that makes the brand, the brand. Fundamental information and materials about the brand are aligned in one location.

For example, code snippets can be shared to show the actual output of the code. This means that a company’s web elements, like buttons and loaders, can be easily shared with webmasters and graphic designers.

3. Easy collaboration

With deBroome’s brand manual, administrators can easily communicate with their users directly from the platform by email. Users can subscribe to pages to ensure they are informed about the latest page updates. These options provide a strong connection between the administration and the users.

4. Simple to update

Brands evolve continuously to keep up with their competitors, technology and expand their offerings. A digital brand manual can be a flexible tool that can be updated instantly. At any time, personnel and partners have the latest information and files.

In addition, the layout can be updated to reflect a fresh look and hold the user’s engagement. This can also be achieved through content maintenance of adding company and partner news as well as blog posts.

5. Save time

Employees no longer need to make requests to other departments about certain information or assets. Moreover, multiple versions of the same file do not need to be passed around in emails. With a digital brand manual, companies take control of their brand management by overseeing their entire brand on one platform. As a result, companies save time and resources.

6. Strengthen brand

Consistency starts from the people working with the brand and then those perceptions are portrayed publically. Having updated and easy-to-access brand guidelines, help steer the ship of brand recognition and enhance a brand’s integrity. It gives a brand a clear direction, outlining its personality traits, procedures and strategies to educate and guide others. In turn, the brand is strengthened by the way it is communicated to the public – eliminating confusion and saving money in damage control.

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Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright is a project manager at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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