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The digital home of the brand Sweden

When the update of Sweden’s visual identity was finalized, the Swedish Institute chose deBroome’s brand platform – making it available to all.  

The brand identity of Sweden was originally introduced in 2013, catching both national and international attention. When it was time to launch the fresh new look, the Swedish Institute looked for a tool to ease the implementation – internally, as well as externally. 

– Sweden’s visual identity is used in several different contexts globally and consists of a few, but strong, design components. That is why it is essential to have a solid digital home for all material – from inspiration to guidelines and file management. The identity has a broad range of different users to consider, from someone that works solely with the Office package to digital agencies, says Christian Biller, Brand Strategist at the Swedish Institute.

Behind the flawless design stands Söderhavet, a Swedish design agency who produced everything from identity guidelines and design principles to graphic elements and assets. 

The brand platform allows the Swedish Institute to easily introduce their new identity to anyone. The brand is centralized and made available for all actors who communicate the visual expression of Sweden. By ensuring that the updated version of any asset is used in all brand communication, continuity is maintained resulting in a unified brand experience. 

We at deBroome are very proud to have received the trust to make the brand Sweden easy to access. The platform creates a place where everyone can go to learn about the brand, and find all branding material. Extra fun is that the platform is public and that anyone who is curious can see the amazing result of the new design.  

The new platform also contributes to a more efficient brand workflow, simplifying brand management and resulting in a consistent visual expression every time Sweden is represented around the world – whether it is through companies, embassies, consulates or at state visits.

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Beatrice Neiderstam

Beatrice Neiderstam is a project manager at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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