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The deBroome team is growing – Welcome Danielle!

Welcome our newest deBroome team member, Project Manager Danielle Wright! She manages client relations and project delivery. Moreover, she oversees marketing activities including writing articles for our Brand Consistency blog.

We are very excited to have Danielle part of our team! She is a committed and structured team player, who is always ready to brighten your day with a smile.

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Danielle moved to Sweden in 2011. Embracing all of what Sweden has to offer, she is not afraid to try something new. This includes everything from learning Swedish to trying “surströmming” (a stinky fermented Swedish fish). Travelling is one cure to her curiosity, but she also enjoys reading and listening to podcasts.

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Jenny Elmberg

Jenny Elmberg is COO of deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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