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Introducing SEB’s brand manual – everyone’s invited!

With much anticipation, SEB has launched their new brand manual, ensuring brand consistency and transparency with the public. Through the collaboration of deBroome’s friendly brand manual platform and Kurppa Hosk’s vision, the launch has been to say the least, successful and a leap in the future security of the brand identity.

In the age of transparency, consumers demand to know what companies stand for and how they engage in the community. Showcasing corporate values is only second nature to authenticating a corporation’s credibility and trustworthiness. Therefore, SEB knew it was important for their brand manual to be open to the public.

SEB brand manual, Homepage

Having one location where all brand assets and guidelines are stored, safeguards any deviation from doubt about how the brand should be communicated. Eliminating confusion about brand identity empowers a brand’s presence to consumers. In return, companies save a lot of money from trying to cover up irregularities in their marketing. Knowing this, SEB was ready to enhance their marketing edge, by instilling a brand that will last for lifetimes to come through brand consistency.

"Eliminating confusion about brand identity empowers a brand’s presence to consumers."

Hand in hand, through brand consistency and transparency, SEB is ahead of the game of in executing a solid brand identity.

Visit SEB's brand manual here.

SEB brand manual
SEB brand manual, Fifth Element
SEB brand manual, Imagery

Read more about SEB’s new brand design here.

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Danielle Wright

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