Data Sub-Processors

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deBroome cares deeply about privacy and security for all our users and customers. All our sub-processors are held to a high standard and all sub-processors are vetted to be compliant with internal policies as well as GDPR.

Entity** Entity Location* Type / Use-case
Amazon Web Services Inc. Seattle, USA Cloud Services, Hosting
City Network International AB Karlskrona, Sweden Cloud Services, Hosting
Mailgun Technologies, Inc. Delaware, USA Mailgun - Transactional Emails
The Rocket Science Group, LLC Atlanta, USA Mailchimp - Bulk and marketing emails
Functional Software, Inc. San Francisco, CA, USA Sentry – Monitoring
Eyepax IT Consulting (Pvt. Ltd) Colombo, Sri Lanka Subcontractor
Evlos AB Stockholm, Sweden Subcontractor
AB Out IT Stockholm, Sweden Subcontractor

* Entity location shows where the entity is operating and/or incorporated, but does not necessarily represent where the data is processed.
** Not all entities are applicable to all customers