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Welcome Servando!

We are happy to welcome our newest deBroome team member, Product Designer Servando Aguayo! He will lead our design agenda and manage the UX for our product.

Servando is a multidisciplinary designer who won’t back down from a challenge. His passion and knowledge of digital innovation and transformation, comes from a strive to always be at the vanguard of what digital is able to achieve.

Originally from Chile, he has since then explored different corners of the world – from Spain to England and now Sweden. Outside office hours, you’ll find him outdoors either on a run or with his camera. His love for photography derives from the contact with people, architecture and nature – all combined creates the perfect shot.

10 Questions – This or that

Hip hop or Rock
Summer or Winter
Pizza or Pasta
Ocean or Pool
Mission Impossible or James Bond
Evening or Morning
Midsummer or New Year's Eve
Beer or Cider
Restaurant or Cook
Movie or Series

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Beatrice Neiderstam

Beatrice Neiderstam is a project manager at deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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