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Welcome Linn!

We are super excited to welcome Linn Olin into the deBroome team as a Project and marketing manager – curating client relationships and content.

Growing up in the deep forests of Småland, Sweden, her appetite for adventure was already great at an early age. Once all the paths of her birthplace had been explored, she moved to Gothenburg and then traveled to Australia and around Asia. She lived in Berlin until Budapest called for her attention, and she settled there for seven years before returning to Sweden. This time she decided to call Stockholm her home.

In Budapest, she earned her Bachelor's degree in Business and Arts management, and later acquired vocational training in social pedagogy.
Driven by her passions for visual expression and human connection, she sought a career in which she could combine those elements,
and she found it in her role as Client project and marketing manager at deBroome.

This or That – 10 Questions to get to know Linn


Dog or Cat?
City or Beach?
Pizza or Tacos?

Candy or Cake?
Train or Airplane?
Shoes or Barefoot?
Growth or Security?

Success or Happiness?
Paperbacks or Audiobooks
Painful truth or comforting lie?



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Jenny Elmberg

Jenny Elmberg is COO of deBroome, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their brand through digital brand products.

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